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Latest submissions
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Kevin Johnson Looking For Love 155 Hi-NRG Delta 2001
Dave Rodgers Let's Go To The Show - K2 The Auto Messe 147 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 2001
Fastway Hyper Super Powers 157 Hi-NRG SCP Music 2013
Manuel Gas Gas Gas 154 Hi-NRG GoGo's Music 2007
Daniel Frontal Impact 162 Hi-NRG Delta 2007
Danny Keith Dudu-Dada 155 Hi-NRG Time Records 1995
Mako Dancer 154 Hi-NRG Delta 2000
Mega NRG Man Burning Desire 148 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1999
Franz Tornado & The Bazooka Girls Bandolero Comanchero 163 Hi-NRG Hi NRG Attack 1999
Mad Cow & The Tverskaya Str. Girls Balalaika Vodka & Rock'n Roll 160 Hi-NRG Hi NRG Attack 2009
Dave Rodgers 100 155 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1999
Virginelle Mystery In Love 146 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1994
T+Pazolite Tsugihagi Construction 2012 240 Happy Hardcore Hardcore Tano*C 2011
Bazooka Girl Velfarre 2000 161 Hi-NRG Hi NRG Attack 2000
Domino Play With The Numbers 154 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1999
Key-A-Kiss Deluxe Eurobeat Mix 154 Hi-NRG Avex Trax 2000