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Latest submissions
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Robert Goins Take Note 2023 Acapella 105 Hip-Hop Go Friends Streaming Network 2023
Robert Goins Take Note 2023 Clean 105 Hip-Hop Go Friends Streaming Network 2023
Tommy Page Turning Me On Hot Tracks Remix 131 Pop Sire Records 1988
N-Joi Malfunction Promo Edit 124 Techno RCA 1991
Krügerrand U On My Mind Marc O'Tools Coin-Dub 130 Trance Mauritius 2004
Andrew K & Simuck Clouds Go By Flash Brothers Remix 130 Progressive House Pure Substance Records 2004
Yann Fontaine Intermede Beloved Girl Interrupted Remix 123 Tech House Low Pressings 2002
Your Life On Hold Imprisoned Merciless Radio Edit 124 Gothic Rock Solar Lodge 2020
Night Club Schizophrenic 113 Darkwave Gato Blanco 2018
Night Club Dear Enemy 96 Darkwave 2016
George Kranz I've Got The Beat (Magic Sticks) 137 New Wave Virgin 1987
8X Slowandfast Presente 123
8X Slowandfast Y Se Cerro 100
8X Slowandfast Lucia Tiene Recocido Greñas 139
8X Slowandfast Esa Silicona 115
8X Slowandfast Bonita 124
8X Slowandfast Chaupiquelopecio 130
Schlapeirytockrond Esa Silicona 109