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Latest submissions
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes Original 12'' Mix 116 Retro 1981
Kim Carnes Voyeur 140 Retro 1982
Kim Carnes Invisible Hands Dance Mix 141 Retro 1983
Kim Carnes Crazy In The Night 117 Retro 1985
Classix Nouveaux Is It A Dream 136 New Wave 1982
Classix Nouveaux Inside Outside 162 New Wave 1981
Classix Nouveaux Because You're Young 145 New Wave 1982
Classix Nouveaux Guilty 155 New Wave 1981
Boys Don't Cry Lipstick 129 New Wave 1985
Real Life Face To Face 128 New Wave 1985
Real Life Catch Me I'm Falling 170 New Wave 1983
Project Pitchfork The Circus Remix 124 Industrial
00Tz 00Tz Into The Grey 134 Techno-Industrial
00Tz 00Tz Eyes 156 Techno-Industrial
00Tz 00Tz Human Condition Parasite Remix 134 Techno-Industrial
Rotersand Exterminate Annihilate Destroy 122 Industrial
Rotersand War On Error (Declaration) 124 Industrial
Capsules Of Energy Decree 124 Industrial