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Latest submissions
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Pendulum Self Vs. Self (Feat. In Flames) 175 Drum & Bass Warner Music 2010
Money Man Love For Money 2008 156 Hi-NRG Avex Mode 2007
Aleky Eternity 148 Hi-NRG Avex Trax 2009
Karen Hurricane 144 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1993
Antarzis Be Water My Friend (Remix) (Remix) 138 Electronica Akazis 2017
Dave Rodgers Deja Vu 154 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1999
Sara Burning Up For You 156 Hi-NRG Delta 1997
Metro Station She Likes Girls 160 Pop
Dr. Money Hot Girl 146 Hi-NRG Time Records 1993
Vanessa Hey Hey 142 Hi-NRG Time Records 1993
Stan SB Flat Foot Face 88 Drum & Bass Subsphere Records 2013
Go Go Girls Feat. Annalise & Virginelle Fun Fun Boy 138 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1992
Mario Ross Push Push Ballerina 140 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1992
DJ NRG Kamikaze 143 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1993
DJ NRG Ringo Boy 140 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1992
DJ NRG I'm A Dee Jay 140 Hi-NRG A.Beat-C. 1992