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Latest submissions
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Wilson Phillips Hold On 98 Pop SBK Records 1990
Maire Brennan Against The Wind 110 Folk-Rock RCA 1992
Wolfgun GALAXIAN (STARFIGHTER) 175 Drum & Bass 2017
Tabrill Feat. Domonic Cold Pill 150 Electronic 2015
Dan Salvato Spellslave 118 House 2016
The Circuit Bento Box Tonic 130 Electronic 2015
Make Acid Voltage 128 Progressive House 2015
Lo Tag Blanco Slumlord 87 Hip-Hop 2006
Lifeformed 9-Bit Expedition 140 Retro 2012
Ghost Kollective Feat. SnowFlake Waking Me Softly 140 Dubstep 2012
CHRISTINE Gonna Fear Now 120 Electronic 2014
Sawtooth Carcinogens 140 Psychedelic Trance 2008
Ambinate Bloom 140 Ambient 2016
Sferro & Tommy Rapture (Rex Ronan Remix) 128 Electronic Girlfriend Records 2014
Trash80 Missing You 132 Retro 8Bitpeoples 2008
Tommy Nocturnal Wanderings 40 Ambient Girlfriend Records 2014