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Latest submissions
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Kanye West Lift Yourself 97 Rap 2018
Stephen Paul Taylor Everybody Knows Shit's Fucked 113 Electronic 2017
AViVA GRRRLS 89 Rock 2017
Nanawo Akari Feat. Eve Instant Heaven 185 J-Pop 2018
Randy Randomson Dubstep Box 140 Dubstep 2018
Diabarha Autism Randy Randomson Mix 812 Hardcore 2018
Randy Randomson Ultimate Guitar Song Original Mix 500 Electronic Kappaman Productions 2018
Diabarha Shock 500 Electronic 2013
Diabarha System Failure 900 Hardcore 2013
Diabarha The Mirror 920 Hardcore 2013
Diabarha Genocide 625 Hardcore Headache Records 2011
Diabarha ONE INSANITY 625 Hardcore Splitterkor Rekordz Dziwko!!! 2014
Pressterror Die Sprühblutohren 383 Hardcore SKRD!!! 2017
Hubert Gatsby Like A Fuckin Werewolf 200 Hardcore SKRD!!! 2017
Hr.Drescher Maggots In Youre Head 267 Hardcore SKRD!!! 2017
HateWire Proof That Satan Exists (Whatever Lets You Sleep At Night) 260 Hardcore SKRD!!! 2017
Kreislaufstörung Schlachtfeld 265 Hardcore SKRD!!! 2017
Noizefucker Unleash Hell 191 Hardcore SKRD!!! 2017