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Latest submissions
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
DJ Watarai Popcorn 93 Hip-Hop Intercord Japan 2000
MPM I Live Just 4U 90 R&B Intercord Japan 2000
Goreshit One Way To Hannover 208 Breaks 2015
Goreshit Broken Promises/Shattered Dreams 169 Breaks 2015
Goreshit The Pain Of Relief (We Have Our Vices One At All) 174 Breaks 2015
Goreshit Benzo (With Me Eternal) 197 Breaks 2015
Goreshit There Are No Angels Here. 187 Breaks 2015
Goreshit Burn This Moment Into The Retina Of My Eye 217 Breaks 2015
Ω MAX 300 300 Hardcore Intercord Japan 2001
The Axel Boys Quartet Dub-I-Dub 73 Jazz Intercord 1996
Beat System Fresh 116 Disco Intercord 1996
Magic Affair The Rhythm Makes You Wanna Dance 148 Hardcore CDL 1995
Cut 'N' Move I'm Alive 134 Eurohouse Medley Records 1995
Basic Element Shame 130 Disco EMI 1996
Umboza Sunshine 128 House Positiva 1996
Me & My Touch Of Your Love 136 Eurohouse EMI 1996