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Latest submissions
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
X-Cabs Infectious US Remix 135 Trance Hook Recordings 1998
Mass Medium Feel Like Dancing Remix 138 Hard House Blue Records 2000
Floor Control Do You Wanna Dance Original Mix 139 Hard House Blue Records 2000
Der Bass Presents T.C. Jockz Anytime Is Showtime Extended Mix 142 Eurohouse OTA Dance 2004
Mark Gray I've Got A Feelin' Alan Thompson Remix 138 Hard House Sundissential Records 2001
Prince Chelsea Rodgers Extended Version 124 Funk NPG Records 2007
Grace If I Could Fly Oakenfold & Osborne Trance Mix 143 Trance Perfecto 1996
Jellé Boufon Hope (Hold My Hand) Auranaut's "There's At Lite At The End" Mix 134 Progressive Trance Perfecto 1996
Master Mind DJ It's A Party Cross Mix 134 Eurodance Aries Records 1994
Loveclub Dubfeel Original Mix 136 Trance DB Records 1996
Daxson Atomica Extended Mix 134 Trance Coldharbour Recordings 2020
Yelow & Ad Astra Blankensee Extended Mix 134 Trance Coldharbour Recordings 2020
Spice 69 Overdrive Timo Maas Mix 129 House Peppermint Jam Records 2000
Dan Morris & Shylock Gasp Ode To Pi Mix 136 Progressive House Fade Records 2002
Guy Gerber Electric Mistress Rainbow Mix 129 Tech House Alternative Route Recordings 2002
Blue Alphabet Yellow Evolution Original Mix 138 Trance Bonzai Trance Progressive Italy 1999
Westfield Street Program One Original Mix 129 Progressive House Yeti Records 1996
Paul Grogan Spangled Original Mix 134 Progressive Trance Slinkey Recordings 2002