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T Toby Keith
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Toby Keith My List 87 Dreamworks Records 2002
Toby Keith Blue Moon 68 Polydor Records 1996
Toby Keith A Woman's Touch 135 A&m Records 1996
Toby Keith Double Wide Paradise 109 Mercury Records 1998
Toby Keith Dream Walkin' 117 Mercury Records 1998
Toby Keith Getcha Some 82 Mercury Records 1998
Toby Keith Country Comes To Town 124 Dreamworks Records 2000
Toby Keith If A Man Answers 97 Mercury Records 1999
Toby Keith I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying 147 Mercury Records 1997
Toby Keith I Wanna Talk About Me 106 Dreamworks Records 2001
Toby Keith Rock You Baby 77 Dreamworks Records 2003
Toby Keith Santa I'm Right Here 61 Polydor Records 1995
Toby Keith When Love Fades 96 Dreamworks Records 1999
Toby Keith I Like The Girls That Drink Beer 67 Country Show Dog/Universal 2012
Toby Keith Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (the Angry American) 112 Dreamworks Records 2002