Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Project Pitchfork The Longing 100
Alphaville Inside Out 100
Reaction Void Aftermode 100
Republica Are Friends Electric 100
Red Flag All Roads Lead To You 100
Skinny Puppy Carry 100
Sombre View Lullaby 100
Sombre View Same Deep Water As You 100
Still Window 100
Total Devotion Christmas Town 100
Think Tank Googelplectic 100
Think Tank No Kiss Kiss 100
Tool H 100
Midge Ure Trail Of Tears 100
Marc Almond Sleaze 100
A-Ha There's Never A Forever Thing 100
16 Volt Stitched 100
Aceyalone Mic Check Skratch Intro 100
U2 Mysterious Ways Remix 100
NWA It Ain't Ruff 100 Hip-Hop
NWA Chin Check 100 Hip-Hop
Mos Def New World Water 100 Hip-Hop
2Pac Still Ballin 100 Hip-Hop
Linkin Park Nobody's Listening 100
Velvet Acid Christ Repulsive 100