Remy MartineWhateva100Hip-Hop
Front 242Mixed By Fear100
NWAIt Ain't Ruff100Hip-Hop
Front 242Gripped By Fear100
Information SocietySomething In The Air100
A-HaThere's Never A Forever Thing100
Sombre ViewSame Deep Water As You100
Velvet Acid ChristRepulsive100
DJ KASHMegamix100
House Of PainShamrocks And Shenanigans100Hip-Hop
MC 900 Foot JesusTruth Is Out Of Style100
Channel 69Listen To Me100
MeshThese Empty Rooms100
U2Mysterious WaysRemix100
Mötley CrüeKickstart My Heart100
Baby Bash Ft AkonIm Back100R&B
Gary NumanEmotionKill Switch… Klick100
Brandy Featuring Kanye WestTalk About Our Love100R&B
The GameHate It Or Love It100Hip-Hop2005
Bert KaempfertEast Listening100
ErasureIn My ArmsCrumbling Down Mix100
CurseDreht Ab100
KimbraLike They Do On The TV100Rock2018