Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Gary Numan Emotion Kill Switch… Klick 100
Gary Numan Magic 100
Project Pitchfork The Longing 100
Nice And Smooth Funky For You 100
Marc Almond Sleaze 100
Baby Bash Ft Akon Im Back 100 R&B
Reaction Void Aftermode 100
Edan Fumbling Over Words That Rhyme 100
A-Ha There's Never A Forever Thing 100
Red Flag All Roads Lead To You 100
Sombre View Same Deep Water As You 100
Anything Box Emily 100
Sombre View Lullaby 100
Consolidated Woman Shoots John 100
Still Window 100
Linkin Park Nobody's Listening 100
Total Devotion Christmas Town 100
Think Tank Googelplectic 100
Jurassic 5 Break 100
Cypress Hill Cock The Hammer 100 Hip-Hop
House Of Pain Shamrocks And Shenanigans 100 Hip-Hop
SA Smash Robot 100
Think Tank No Kiss Kiss 100
Freeway Flipside 100 Hip-Hop
West Life Season In The Sun 100 Pop