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T The Used
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
The Used All That I've Got 88 Rock Reprise 2004
The Used Blue And Yellow 115 Reprise Records 2003
The Used Born To Quit 85 Reprise 2010
The Used Born To Quit Clean 85 Reprise 2009
The Used Buried Myself Alive 85 Reprise Records 2003
The Used Empty With You 140 Reprise 2010
The Used I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes) 100 Reprise Records 2005
The Used I Come Alive 72 Hopeless 2012
The Used Iddy Biddy Radio Edit 76 Alternative Hopeless 2013
The Used Paradise Lost, A Poem By John Milton 135 AlternRock 2020
The Used Put Me Out 60 Hopeless 2012
The Used Take It Away 88 2004
The Used The Taste Of Ink 98