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G Green Day
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Green Day Still Breathing 150 Rock Reprise 2017
Green Day Fire, Ready, Aim 152 Punk Rock Reprise 2019
Green Day Platypus (i Hate You) 369 Rock Reprise 1997
Green Day Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 83 Top 40 Reprise 2004
Green Day Longview 142 Rock Reprise 2005
Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends 105 Top 40 Reprise 2005
Green Day Jesus Of Surburbia 143 Reprise 2006
Green Day Basket Case 170 Reprise 2006
Green Day St. Jimmy Live Version 147 Rock Reprise 2006
Green Day Warning 121 Reprise 2006
Green Day East Jesus Nowhere 144 Reprise 2009
Green Day 21st Century Breakdown 116 Rock Reprise 2010
Green Day Last Of The American Girls 121 Rock Reprise 2010
Green Day Cigarettes & Valentines Live Version 190 Rock Reprise 2011
Green Day Nuclear Family 174 Reprise 2012