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G Green Day
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Green Day Last Of The American Girls 121 Rock Reprise 2010
Green Day Cigarettes & Valentines Live Version 190 Rock Reprise 2011
Green Day Still Breathing 150 Rock Reprise 2017
Green Day Troublemaker 141 Rock Reprise 2012
Green Day Stray Heart 104 Rock Warner Bros 2012
Green Day The Forgotten 66 Rock Atlantic 2012
Green Day Brain Stew/Jaded 144 Rock Reprise Records 2007
Green Day Geek Stink Breath 131 Rock Reprise 2008
Green Day Know Your Enemy 130 Rock Reprise 2009
Green Day Bang Bang Lyric Video 128 Rock Reprise 2016
Green Day Platypus (i Hate You) 369 Rock Reprise 1997
Green Day She's A Rebel 80 Rock
Green Day Longview 142 Rock Reprise 2005
Green Day 21 Guns 79 Rock Reprise 2009
Green Day Holiday 146 Rock Reprise 2005