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G Green Day
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Green Day St. Jimmy Live Version 147 Rock Reprise 2006
Green Day Bang Bang 128 Rock Reprise 2016
Green Day Holy Toledo! Original Mix 103 Rock 2021
Green Day Longview Clean Version 142 Rock Reprise 2013
Green Day Whatsername 60 Punk Rock
Green Day Fire, Ready, Aim 152 Punk Rock Reprise 2019
Green Day Nice Guys Finish Last 94 Pop 2018
Green Day Oh Yeah! 127 AlternRock 2020
Green Day Father Of All... 164 AlternRock 2019
Green Day Father Of All... PO Quick Edit 164 AlternRock PO Quick Edit 2019
Green Day Oh Yeah! PO Intro Edit 127 AlternRock PO Intro Edit 2020
Green Day Oh Yeah! PO Quick Edit 127 AlternRock PO Quick Edit 2020