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B Blackhawk
Artist Title Mix BPM Genre Label Year
Blackhawk Days Of America 114 Columbia Records 2001
Blackhawk I Will 53 Columbia Records 2002
Blackhawk Like There Ain't No Yesterday 114 Arista Records 1995
Blackhawk One Night In New Orleans 108 Columbia Records 2002
Blackhawk Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart 120 Arista Records 1999
Blackhawk Hole In My Heart 70 Arista Records 1997
Blackhawk I Need You All The Time 127 Arista Records 2000
Blackhawk King Of The World 96 Arista Records 1996
Blackhawk Almost A Memory Now 69 Arista Records 1996
Blackhawk There You Have It 112 Country Arista 2014
Blackhawk Big Guitar 89 Country Arista 2014
Blackhawk Every Once In A While 117 Country Arista 2015
Blackhawk Postmarked Birmingham 62 Country Arista 2015
Blackhawk Brothers Of The Southland Radio Edit 74 Country Loud & Proud/Tenacity 2014
Blackhawk Brothers Of The Southland 74 Ballad Loud & Proud/Tenacity 2014